200 Kg (440 Lbs)

The Express 440CW is designed to allow glaziers to unload, transport and install large plates of glass.

  • Lifting capacity up to 440lbs
  • 2 x 12″ adjustable and flexible vacuum cups
  • Vacuum head can be tilted, rotated and side shifted
  • Swivel glass to the side for transport through small doors
  • Easily transported inside a van and assembled by one person
  • Fully counterweighted machine
  • Ideal for glazing in small confined areas
  • Portable and modular glazing machine
  • 1 – 2 man operation

Can also handle:

  • Composite panels
  • Steel
  • Granite/Marble
  • Plastics
  • Wood doors

Express 440S upgrade

Easily turn your existing Express 440S into a 440CW by purchasing the counter-weighted rear half separately.

Additional options:

  • Vacuum Cups for Curved Glass
  • Lower Vacuum Cup extensions
  • Forward Vacuum Cup extensions
  • Window Frame Carrier
  • Battery Powered Vacuum Pump
  • H Frame + Cups
  • Foam Vacuum Pads for Stone

Lower Extension

Forward Extension

Window Frame Carrier

Battery Powered

Vacuum Pump

Foam Vacuum Pads
for Stone

Vacuum Cups
for Curved Glass

H Frame + Cups


Lifting capacity: 440lbs
1 - 2 man operation
Vacuum Cups: 2 x 12” manual
Pivots glass to side for doorways
Mechanical forward/rear tilt
360 Glass rotation
100mm side shift
Fully counterweighted machine
Machine weight without counterweights - 242lbs
Counterweights - 10 x 33lbs


Ross Torr
Ross TorrClean View Windows, Vic, Australia
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Would just like to say that we have owned a Quattrolifts Express 440CW which we bought from you approximately 6 weeks ago, this machine is better than you told us, as a Director of the business, I am always worried about OH&S and this machine lifts everything plus more! Also thanks very much for the after sales back up service you have given us, coming back to explain the machine to my staff was fantastic and they have all commented on what you showed them. Once again I am happy for you to show this to any of your customers in our area.