To complement and extend the capabilities of our innovative glass vacuum lifters, we provide a selection of glass suction cups, all of which are manufactured from high-quality materials to exacting specifications. They’re designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of industry professionals, both in the USA and globally.

Whether you are using a small machine from our Express range, such as the Express 330T, or a larger glazing robot with a dual pump vacuum system such as the Vector 1800 Off-Road, you’ll find replacement suction cups for your model right here.

Heavy-duty suction cups

Our vacuum cups are designed specifically for lifting heavy, non-porous materials, including glass, polished stone, steel, and aluminum plates as well as insulated cladding panels. They are suitable for use in industrial manufacturing environments, as well as for all types of domestic and commercial glazing applications.

If you need to lift heavy panes of glass or large slabs of polished stone on a regular basis, you will want to use top-quality suction cups that give you the necessary purchase. The heavy-duty glass suction cups that we manufacture are guaranteed to be fit for purpose and have a 4:1 safety factor for your peace of mind.

At the forefront of safety and innovation

At Quattrolifts, all of our glass lifting equipment, including our glass suction cups and vacuum lifters, were created to allay the significant safety issues faced by workers in the glass fabrication and installation industries.

As well as being a convenient and effective way to lift glass and other non-porous, heavy materials, our glass suction cups allow operators to practice safe handling of the materials at all times, effectively removing both the risk and guesswork from correctly positioning the heavy materials into place.

Benefits of our innovative glass handling suction cups

When used to complement our vacuum lifters, our glass suction cups provide many benefits to professional glass fabricators and glaziers. The benefits include:

  • Injury prevention — With our equipment, you’ll experience less risk, injury, and OHS costs — due to their safe-handling capabilities, heavy materials can be safely lifted and moved by fewer workers.
  • Labor and time saving — Our innovative glass lifting solutions allow workers to achieve in-shop or on-site tasks with a high level of precision, saving time on labor, as well as time lost in correcting job errors.
  • Cost-saving — Our highly efficient equipment allows glazing businesses to potentially save thousands of dollars annually, due to fewer workers required to perform work more efficiently, and in less time.

Vacuum suction cups for glazing jobs of all sizes

With lifting capacities up to 440lbs, you won’t have a problem finding glass suction cups in our range that meet your requirements, whatever they may be.

When used in conjunction with one of our highly capable glass vacuum lifters, like the Horizon Auto Drive 770, or a Glassboy Forklift such as the Omni 1800, these heavy-duty glass suction cups will ensure that you can do your job safely and efficiently.

Quattrolifts also supply foam-edged vacuum cups which are ideal for lifting sheet material with a non-smooth surface like granite, wooden doors, and insulated cladding panels. The foam edge on the vacuum cup accommodates the slightly uneven surface to create a vacuum seal allowing for safe handling.

We also have manual suction cups available, which are ideal for smaller jobs and can be used in conjunction with the Glass Harness 110.

Who should use glass suction cups?

Our glass handling suction cups can be used, in conjunction with our vacuum lifters, by anybody working in the fields of glass fabrication and installation, in both large and small operations.

We supply our quality glass lifting solutions to a variety of industry professionals, including glass suppliers, glaziers, and window and door manufacturers. We’ll continue to develop and supply quality products to assist people working on jobs and projects of all magnitudes — from small shop sites to large construction sites.

As glazing industry specialists, we are pleased to offer quality vacuum cups to meet the requirements of all glazing professionals, from small independent operators to large glass manufacturers.

An extensive range of quality glass suction cups and accessories

Since commencing operations, our product range of glass lifting solutions has grown considerably. Our vacuum lifting cups and vacuum lifting pads all come with a high safety factor, and are available in various sizes. Along with our glass suction cups, we offer vacuum lifting cup brackets and battery-powered express vacuum pumps.

When it comes to our extensive range, we truly pride ourselves on being ahead of our competitors in terms of quality, innovation, and cost!

What’s more, along with our USA operations, we are also proud to offer our glass lifting solutions to customers worldwide. Whether you’re after glass suction cups in the USA or somewhere else on the globe, we’ve got you sorted.

Selecting the right tools for the job

If you already know which vacuum cups you need, please don’t hesitate to place your order now. If you are not sure which cups are the right choice for your machine and specific requirements, you’re welcome to call and speak to one of our experts any time during normal working hours.

Once we have all the relevant information, we can recommend the best product for your needs and provide you with a competitive quotation at the same time.

For more information on our glass suction cups, glazing guides, and other products, please check the News and Videos sections of our website. And don’t forget we’re always here if you need us — you can phone us or send us a message if you have any questions that you’d like us to answer.

Quattrolifts — your trusted supplier of quality glass suction cups

At Quattrolifts, we’ve been providing glaziers, glass suppliers, and window and door manufacturers with our quality products since 2006. Our business was born from the desire to alleviate the serious safety issues faced by glass workers, and our products are now considered an ideal solution for these occupational safety issues.

We’d love to now help you find the best glass handling suction cups for your specific needs. With our wealth of industry knowledge, we’re well placed to advise you on the ideal glass suction cups for your particular job type or requirements.

For detailed information on our entire range of glass handling equipment, be sure to check out our informative videos, or simply get in touch with our friendly and professional team today — we’d be more than happy to help with any inquiries you may have on our products.