200 Kg (440 Lbs)

The Express 400S is designed to allow glaziers to unload, transport and install large plates of glass.

  • Lifting capacity up to 440lbs
  • 2 x 12″ adjustable and flexible vacuum cups
  • Holds glass up to 144″ x 60″
  • Rotates glass 360°
  • Pivots glass 90° to the side for small doorways
  • Mast extendable by 10″
  • Wheel base extendable for better stability
  • Portable for on-site glazing
  • Side shifter for precise Installation
  • Assembles in minutes

Can also handle:

  • Composite panels
  • Steel
  • Granite/Marble
  • Plastics
  • Wood doors

Express 440S Auto Option

Quattrolifts offers an upgrade which allows for the attachment of a battery and vacuum pump and controller. This feature, combined with a H frame (lifting arm) and extra vacuum cups allows for the lifting arm (H frame) to be detached from the machine and raised using a crane (below the hook lifter).

Additional Options

  • Vacuum Cups for Curved Glass
  • Lower Vacuum Cup Extensions
  • Forward Vacuum Cup Extensions
  • Counter Weight
  • Window Frame Carrier
  • Battery Powered Vacuum Pump
  • Foam Vacuum Pads for Stone

Lower Extension

Forward Extension

Counter Weight

Window Frame Carrier

Battery Powered
Vacuum Pump

Foam Vacuum Pads
for Stone

Convert to 4 cup machine:
H Frame (lifting arm) +
Extra vacuum cups

Vacuum Cups
for Curved Glass


Lifting capacity: 440lbs
Handles glass up to 144” x 59”
Front castors retract for glazing
Vacuum Cups: 2 x 12”
Solid rear 12” wheels
Pivots glass 90° to side for doorways
Mast extends 10”
360° glass rotation
Wider axle for greater stability
Side Shift for Glazing 3"
Machine Weight with Vacuum Cups Removed - Top half 70 lbs, Bottom half 66 lbs


Kym Wilson
Kym WilsonBayview Glazing QLD AUSTRALIA
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Just a quick note to say what a great piece of equipment. As I am a glazier that has a buggered back and now confined to the shiny seat in the office I reckon if the Nomad was around 25 years ago I would still be glazing commercial. We have just done our first two reglazes both 12.38 laminate 2400 x 3400 aprox 1000 off the ground in a local shop front. Last time it took 3hrs and 6 men to reglaze 1 panel only including scaffold and back pain. This time 4 people and the Nomad, no scaffold and 2 panels took 1 hour including loading the old 12.38 lam on the truck!!!!!! Possibly could have used 3 people but being the first time, are to be sure to be sure! Instant success and the knockers are now believers!! We set a frame approx 2 mtrs square up in the factory and used a piece of 8.38 lam for practice and used 6 people to glaze the panel two times each as a training session before tackling possibly the biggest reglazes in town. Thanks for the prompt service and I will recommend this machine and your business anywhere anytime. Regards extremely happy” Kym Wilson