400 Kg (880 Lbs)

The Nomad 880 is designed to assist glaziers to unload, transport and install glass safely.

  • Lifting capacity up to 880 lbs
  • Two man operation
  • Rotates lites up to 180”
  • Portable & assembles in minutes
  • Moves through doorways
  • Precise adjustments for glazing
  • Upgrade to 1100 lbs capacity available
  • All terrain wheels for on-site
  • Outrigger legs
  • Window Frame Carrier
  • Glazing Guides
  • Foam Vacuum Pads for Stone
  • Connect with 2nd Nomad to double capacity

Upgrade to
1100 lbs capacity

All Terrain Wheels

Outrigger Legs

Window Frame Carrier

Glazing Guides

Foam Vacuum Pads
for Stone

Connect with second Nomad
to double capacity


Lifting capacity: 880 lbs
Handles glass to 4500 - 1500mm
4 x 300mm and 1 x 250mm vacuum cups
Portable for on-site glazing
Moves through doorways
Side shift for side pocket glazing
2 man operation
Assembles in minutes on-site
360 degree rotation
Machine weight - 3 x 46 Kg


Kym Wilson
Kym WilsonBayview Glazing QLD AUSTRALIA
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Just a quick note to say what a great piece of equipment. As I am a glazier that has a buggered back and now confined to the shiny seat in the office I reckon if the Nomad was around 25 years ago I would still be glazing commercial. We have just done our first two reglazes both 12.38 laminate 2400 x 3400 aprox 1000 off the ground in a local shop front. Last time it took 3hrs and 6 men to reglaze 1 panel only including scaffold and back pain. This time 4 people and the Nomad, no scaffold and 2 panels took 1 hour including loading the old 12.38 lam on the truck!!!!!! Possibly could have used 3 people but being the first time, are to be sure to be sure! Instant success and the knockers are now believers!! We set a frame approx 2 mtrs square up in the factory and used a piece of 8.38 lam for practice and used 6 people to glaze the panel two times each as a training session before tackling possibly the biggest reglazes in town. Thanks for the prompt service and I will recommend this machine and your business anywhere anytime. Regards extremely happy” Kym Wilson
Matt Abbate
Matt AbbateGolden Strip Glass – SC USA
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We got 9 pcs set in about 5 hours of total work (doesn’t include setup time and testing out the first piece). The most important part is I got 9 pcs set without any broken backs or glass. They’ll be fresh and ready to set more tomorrow. FYI this glass is 1 1/16″ thick insulated units averaging about 50″ x 144″, 385 lbs, and about 40″ off the ground.
Grant Woodorth
Grant WoodorthR&R Glass Services NSW AUSTRALIA
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Just wanted to give you some feedback on the lifter we purchased a couple of months ago. So far we’ve completed 3 installations. 1. Installation of a 12mm toughened sliding door with top and bottom rails, 2200 x 1880 – we used the quattro to get the glass off the A frame truck, up 5 floors in the lift, then hang the door on the overhead sliding door track without raising a sweat! We had installed 4 of these doors 3 months previously and it was heavy, streuous work, with all the lifting by hand and an extra man. I wish we had had it back when we did the original installation. 2. Installation of a 12.38mm laminated shopfront panel 3100 x 1400. Once again the quattro made it easy to take delivery of the glass, wheel to the job, rotate the glass to it’s vertical position then install. 3. Installation of 6 panels of 15mm toughened, 3100 x 1800. We had to supplement the quattro with a small crawler crane as the glass was the same height as the ceiling. We used the quattro to take delivery of the glass and move all 6 panels from the street to the shop – a distance of 250-300 metres away – inside one hour with 3 men. We then completed the installation of the glass to the glazing channels by the end of the day. The job was awkward with the limited headroom and having to use the crane to pick up each panel was slow, but the quattro came into it’s own when we were positioning the glass into the channels and adjusting the glass for level agaist the other panels. All the jobs were done without any strain or injury to our crew of 4 – this was a bonus as we have had 2 compo claims for strained backs in the last 12 months. My co-workers were won over very quickly and were overheard commenting that the jobs had gone a lot smoother than they had expected. We’re converted Rick, just wish we’d taken it on earlier!
Rick Kruik
Rick KruikManaging Director of Cooloola Glass and Aluminium, Gympie QLD AUSTRALIA
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Having only a booklet and dvd to watch and understand how the Nomad works, our staff, of my self and two apprentices had this machine figured out in a matter of hours. It is very simple to use and and is worth its weight in gold when it comes to manouvering glass in such large sizes. Our first situation was most probably the hardest of all having 2 large sheets of over 7 m2 each and also having to use the rotating head and outrigger legs to miss awnings and shop signs. The Nomad is a well manufactured machine and its design deserves good recognition.
Kenneth vonRoenn
Kenneth vonRoennPresident / Director of Design Architectural Glass Art Inc. in Louisville, KY
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The Quattrolifts Nomad is a fantastic piece of equipment for maneuvering glass. It is everything that it was promoted to be and even more. We are able to handle larger sheets of glass with fewer people much more safely. It has been invaluable for installations, reducing our time significantly. The Quattrolifts allows us to off-load rack trucks with fewer people and with the Nomad we can move glass through our shop more quickly. Next to the plate table, it has become our most essential piece of equipment. Thank you so much for developing iy, it has made our work better, safer and more profitable.
James Bringle
James BringleGeneral Manager Empirehouse in Minnesota, MN
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We have used the Nomad and it worked great! We had a project that required 4 -5 guys to handle some very tall double glazed units, we used the Nomad with 2 men to handle the glass. We then had to rotate the glass because it was upside down on the truck. My 2 guys that used the Nomad were very impressed at how easy they could move and rotate the glass. We will be using it a lot.
Damien Williams
Damien WilliamsManager, Economy Glass
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After 20 years in the Glass Industry, someone has finally invented a device that should have been available long ago.Having a history of lower back trouble and pain caused through lifting heavy plates, I jumped at the chance when this came on the market.Since then, we rarely use manual handling from the truck to the job and then installing.No more pain!
Greg Culley
Greg CulleyOperations Manager (NSW), Bradnams Windows & Doors
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What a fantastic tool! In a market where glass products are growing in size & weight, manual handling has become a serious issue. The Quattro Lift is ideal; in very little time at all, our product is lifted and ready to be manoeuvred safely over a variety of terrains- a great innovation.
Warren Watson
Warren WatsonInstallation Coordinator, Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland Cultural Centre
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At the Queensland Art Gallery our staff are not professional glass installers before the purchase of the Nomad 200 the movement of large glass panels was extremely difficult after a short learning period we are now confident in moving these panels. With a decreased incidence of injuries the Nomad has benefited our operation greatly. The new GOMA which is due to open in December 2007 we will be purchasing another Nomad with rotating head capability which is another feature of the Nomad which enhances its capabilities.
Steven Beatty
Steven BeattyManaging Director, Beatty & McCullough
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The QuattroLift we purchased has been a terrific boon to our business. It has reduced the number of personnel needed to glaze large sheets on site. It has also allowed us do larger contracts i.e. one contract required us to upgrade glass to 97 sheets on three floors. Due to size limitations we had to load and unload the floors from outside. We simply placed the QuattroLift on a scissor lift, loaded the glass, lifted it to the correct floor rolled the glass and wheeled the QuattroLift off and to the correct position and glazed it. Removal of the existing glass was all in reverse. We could not have attempted this without the QuattroLift. We also use it in our joinery section of the business to move large sheets of board around from delivery to machinery.
Kevin Summer
Kevin SummerManaging Director, Summers Glass & Joinery
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We have found the Quattrolifts to be a great asset, especially in regard to occupational health & safety issues relating to the lifting of heavy sheets of glass. Having experienced one of our employees sustaining a back injury which has resulted in the end of his career, we are extremely conscious of what can happen. The fact that the Quattrolifts is available for use has given us the peace of mind that we have done everything possible to ensure that nothing like this happens again – along with a reduction in our Workers’ Compensation Insurance premiums.
Rob Crosier
Rob CrosierManaging Director, Crosier Glass
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Having 4 employees and no over head cranes, the Quattrolifts Nomad has been a great help.It saves the back breaking and the ease is brilliant.
Ross Emerton
Ross EmertonUnion Representative & Glazier O’Brien Glass
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I have been a glazier for 43 years and when I first saw the QuattroLifts I was very sceptical and thought it would never work. Myself and the other 6 other glaziers couldn’t believe how easy it works. It may cut down on man power but it will save our bodies from getting damaged
Alan Reidy
Alan ReidyHead of Department: Glass & Glazing, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE
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As with most people in the glass industry who work with tools I have a crook back, thanks to many years of lifting heavy glass. I consider this to be the most significant advancement in the manual handling area of the glass industry since the introduction of the vacuum lifter and I fully endorse this product.
Terry Brownell
Terry BrownellManaging Director, Ceduna Glass
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Having only 2 of us in the business, the Quattrolifts Nomad has saved us manpower. In the past, we had to recruit men off the street to assist us in installing thebig shopfronts.With the Nomad, we can now save on the labour and can install 3 shopfronts in the one day if need be and walk away pain free. We no longerhave to carry sheets around or be afraid to go to work.We can now move glass from the rack to the tilt table with just one person, creating a one man operation.The equipment is definitely worth it!