What is a Glass Suction Cup?

If you’re looking for an accurate definition that tells you exactly what a glass suction cup is, how it works and what it can be used for, you’ve come to the right place. As experts in the field — having designed and built a range of vacuum lifters in the USA and further afield — the team at Quattro Lifts is qualified to answer all of these questions for you.

What is a glass suction cup?

A glass suction cup is a rubber cup designed to grip flat sheets of material, most often glass, stone and steel, to lift and move them safely. They are made from rubber because this allows them to form a perfect seal on a variety of different materials. But how do such relatively small devices manage to exert such a reliable grip on extremely heavy sheets of material?

How do glass suction cups work?

The way glass suction cups work is quite simple but powerful. When used as components in a vacuum steel or glass lifter, they are positioned on a flat surface (i.e. a sheet of metal or glass that needs to be moved to another location) before the vacuum pump is started. The pump creates a negative pressure inside each cup, which the air outside attempts to equalize by filling any gaps in the seal and by pressing against the cup. This results in an exceptionally powerful seal that enables vacuum lifters equipped with several suction cups to lift very heavy sheets of material with ease.

Glass suction cup uses

There are a number of ways in which glass suction cups are used by commercial organizations in the USA and other countries today, including for the following purposes:

Other common glass suction cup uses include the lifting and moving of floor tiles, varnished wood sheets, and large plastic heavy sheets. Vacuum lifters equipped with glass suction cups are most often used in factories, warehouses, and construction sites but they may also be employed in any commercial or industrial environment where large sheets of material need to be moved on a regular basis.
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